Who Are Suspend?


The use of “who are” (in the title here) makes it sound like there are a whole bunch of folks who work here at Suspend Studios.  I guess Suspend Studios is more “me” than it is “we” – at least from a business standpoint.  I’m Matthew Wilson.  Owner, producer, engineer, webmaster, etc., la-di-da. Pleased to meet you.

There’s a reason for hiring pro photographers. Here’s an early snap that I took, natch.

The reality is that Suspend Studios would be nothing without the outstanding Oshawa and Durham-region artists that keep coming through the door.   If all I had to record were my own off-key vocals and underwhelming four chord guitar work, there wouldn’t be much point in this website, believe me.   So, big-picture wise, maybe Suspend Studios really is more “we” than it is “me”.   Hmm.  How about that?

We have released some music for download and are planning on having LP’s/CD’s for sale here in the near future, too.   This highlights what is a bit of a misnomer with the Studio moniker – while, yes, we are a studio, and yes, we do record, produce, engineer and mix music, we also release music for sale on the internet.   This creates a bit of an identity crisis for Suspend because while we’re not a traditional recording studio, we’re not a traditional record label, either.   Debate continues about what to call this new entity:  Online Distribution Studio?  Recording Distribution Label?  Aggregating Development Studio? Artist Development & Distribution House?   The lines have definitely been blurred with this new internet thingie.  In the end, it is important to Suspend Studios that we put energy and resources into fostering the great wealth of talent that the Durham region possesses


And sound great doing it.

Stick around, check out the news/blog, listen to some Hairy Holler and Melanie Hebert tunes and come back soon.