Hairy Holler

A New Year; and, What's New?

So, a New Year is on the horizon, and I’m just updating this blog with some info that, perhaps - maybe - should have been updated quite a while ago. Alas, I am no better at this blogging thing than I expected I’d be, which, all things considered, is kind of a relief.

If we could time travel, and I had updated the blog, here’s a few things you might have seen: Read More...

Stuck In A Snare - Video

Check out Hairy Holler’s new video for their song “Stuck In A Snare”! The EP has been released - (only available at shows) and the album To: Many Women will be released in the next month or so. Read More...

Hairy Holler - Free Download!

Hairy Holler are offering up one of the tracks from the new album To: Many Women, (the title track, actually) for free download. Well, almost free - you might have to tell us your email address so we can inform you when the album is done! MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you might wish for are up for grabs. Click here to get your free Hairy Holler download! Read More...

Mixing Done!











Watch out world. Just you watch the hell out.

This ain’t yo’ mamma’s band. This ain’t yo’ daddy’s band. This is your band and Lord thunderin’ Jesus! - these mixes rock hard! Or so says the guy who mixed ‘em (me).

Mixing sessions for the upcoming album “To Many Women” have wrapped up and mastering has begun. Read More...


Hairy Holler: To Be Played At Maximum Volume

Hairy Holler’s debut album “To: Many Women” is in the mixing stages and plans are being made to get it into your hands as quickly as possible. In the meantime, they’ve released the title track on YouTube for you to check out! Read More...