Mixing Done!

Watch out world. Just you watch the hell out.

This ain’t yo’ mamma’s band. This ain’t yo’ daddy’s band. This is your effin’ band and Lord thunderin’ Jesus! - these mixes rock hard! Or so says me (the guy who mixed ‘em).

Mixing sessions for the upcoming album “To Many Women” have wrapped up and mastering has begun. Not sure if it’s supposed to remain a secret who’s doing the Mastering? Hmm. Hafta check on that before I open a bag full of cats. Needless to say - I have confidence that it’s going to sound top titty... er, really frickin’ good.

Suspend are excited, Hairy Holler are excited and - is it too much to say that all of Durham is excited? Probably. But, if they aren’t they should be - this album is going to be great.

More soon,


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