DIY Acoustic Panels II: The Frame Up

Back In January, I posted a video that shows how to make some studio-quality DIY acoustic panels out of Owens Corning 703 insulation, and some slotted angle steel. A bend here, a bolt there, slap in some fibreglass and pretty soon you had yourself one of these:
IMG_0176 Let me first say that, aesthetically speaking, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using these panels as shown above. I have a few hung this way and the grey frames and yellow insulation is not a bad look, frankly. I have read that there is a health risk with leaving the insulation exposed (as microscopic fibres from the fibreglass have a greater opportunity to become airborne where they might cause respiratory problems). I can tell you that I have personally not experienced any breathing ailments with the fibreglass left exposed, but, as always, your milage may vary. Just for clarity, I am not saying you should hang these panels without covering them, only that you can. There, take THAT, lawyers.