A New Year; and, What's New?

So, a New Year is on the horizon, and I’m just updating this blog with some info that, perhaps - maybe - should have been updated quite a while ago. Alas, I am no better at this blogging thing than I expected I’d be, which, all things considered, is kinda relieving.

If we could time travel, and I had updated the blog, here’s a few things you might have seen:

Hairy Holler’s Album Finished!

Holy BeJesus - that was a tough slug, but we made it through and I’m intensely pleased with the result. The Hairy Holler guys (and girl) are a talented bunch of musicians and I am proud to have had them record with me.

The initial pressing is a very limited edition (I understand only 300 were pressed), and frankly, I have no idea how many are left. I also don’t know (other than their frequent shows) where you’d pick one up. If you’re desperate and can’t find it for sale online anywhere, shoot me an email and I’ll see if I can get Myke to hook you up.

Melanie J. Hebert Wins Female Vocalist of the Year!

“Come on, dude”, you’re probably thinking. “I’m pretty sure I’d have heard if an obscure folk musician from Caesarea, Ontario won Vocalist of the Year”.

Well, you’re right. She didn’t win a Grammy or a Juno or anything like that (not that she shouldn’t). She won Female Vocalist of the Year from the Durham Region Music Society, which is still totally kick ass. Way to go Mel, can’t wait to get rolling on the next album.

DIY Acoustic Panels

I scoured the internet while determining the best method to make a bunch of acoustic panels and I never found a method that I particularly liked - most seemed as if they would be a pain to hang and/or cover up the back, which, if you’re looking for bass absorption is not ideal. So I designed a method for building these things (which you can kinda see before they are wrapped in fabric here). The best part is that for a project or budget conscious studio these DIY panels are dead simple to build! You don’t even have to cover them if you don’t want (although I eventually did cover them with Guilford Of Maine fabric.

Anyway, shortly I will be posting a video tutorial that shows my design in the process of being constructed (by Dave Richardson) which shows how we made these easy-to-make, easy-to-hang panels.

New Studio Gear!

My Dear Lord. There is a lot of new stuff here and more on the way. Where to begin?

I’ve managed to build a Hairball 1176-style compressor and it was challenging, rewarding and I managed to make it work. So there, naysayers. You can build an awesome piece of audio gear. I was so encouraged, I am currently almost finished building a Serpent Audio SA-3A (a stereo clone of the UREI LA-3A), an API 500 series clone of their “lunchbox” which is designed to hold reams of modules (which lots of manufacturers and DIY kit makers are currently selling), and a couple of Pultec clones for the aforementioned lunchbox.

New purchases include an Ampex AG-440 two-track quarter-inch tape deck circa 1960, a pair of racked Yamaha PM1000 mic pre/equalizer combos (known as the Japanese Neve - Japaneve?), and a BSS DPR-901 dynamic Equalizer . The AG-440 was calibrated by the incredible technician Mr. Roger Ginsley. Dude is amazing. So is this reel-to-reel deck - the entirety of the Hairy Holler album came out sounding sweeter, deeper and beefier through it. I love it to pieces. Hopefully an eight or sixteen track version will land in my lap like this one did.


So, that’s all for now. I may post separate posts about all of these things, as they genuinely deserve it. Who knows. You might not hear from me for months (!) :)

Happy New Year, bitches!

Matthew WIlson
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