So It Begins...


So, yeah, I know there has been a for over a year. And, yeah, I know there hasn’t been much activity. I can understand the reservations you might have about the whole thing. Really, I can. Up until now, there really hasn’t been much to report. But we’ve been building, and working hard, and now we’ve got some great things happening in this little Oshawa studio:

  • We are busy finishing up Melanie J. Hebert’s album “In Your Bed”, which has been a long time coming and we are pleased to say should be off to the pressing house shortly.

  • The live “Women and Song: Benefit for Girls in Nepal” show went amazingly well and the songs are currently being mixed. Artists included Grainne Ryan, Heather Luckhart, Mandy Mae Autumn, Cassie & Chris, Meanie J. Hebert, Alexis Ward & Others. Our aim is to release these for digital download, proceeds going to Org4Peace.

  • Harry Holler, a band led by Myke Pulito and backed by Mandy Mae Autumn and a superb group of talented musicians (upright bass, violin, accordian, full horn section, djembe, etc.) are currently recording their debut album at Suspend, and tracking is well underway.

So what’s to be expected from this little website? Artist Profiles? MP3 & FLAC downloads? Studio techniques? DIY acoustic panels? Blogs about music and other things that I love and/or totally piss me off? All of the above and more?!??

Stick around, my friends. You’ll find out.


Matthew Wilson

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