A Pantsload of Warm Gratitude

It occurred to me that the classy thing to do would be to start these news posts (or blogs or whatever-you-call these) by thanking the people who have helped Suspend Studios get rolling. I thought of this too late, of course, as I’ve already posted one of these things. Drat. Ah well, thankee’s, you can bet that if I ever start a new website, you’ll get the first post then. Ahem.

Much respect and admiration has to go out to Dave Richardson, without whom the whole studio idea would be much less fully realized than it is right now. I still remember an early phone call:

“Hey, Matt...”
“It’s Dave Richardson... from Fanshawe?”
“Um... oh, oh yeah! Hey, how’s it going?
“You still have any recording gear kicking around?”

And there you have it. The idea kernel had been dropped into fertile soil, and Suspend Studios was eventually born.

Dave is a tireless devotee when he believes in something and we should all take a page from his book. Much of the Studio was built with Dave’s two hands, and he brought in the first client, the folk diva, Melanie J. Hebert. You can see his latest venture here: TrailsAndTamaracks.ca

My poor brother Tim Wilson has taken a lot of beef about deadlines amongst other things, but without him, my logo, my business cards, the artwork for Melanie J. Hebert’s album “In Your Bed”, and this website would look like crap. Just like crap. So hats off to you, Mr.Anti-Crapper. I love ya even if you are gay. Check him out at: EllipseStudios.ca

I don’t really know her too well, but Sandra Van Deusen was good enough to come by and do a photo shoot for Melanie’s new album and nice enough to not get offended by our “colourful vernacular” and “cheeky jokes”. We were honoured (and confused) to have such a professional in our midst. Plus she has a website that would kick my website’s ass and force it to shave it’s legs and wear a dress to school. See it at: WallPhotography.ca

I can hear the Get-Off-The-Stage music playing, so that’ll be it for now. But I think I’ll create a page called Friends Of Suspend. Hmm. Yep. That’s got a dang nice ring to it. Yesindeed.

Bye for now,

Matthew Wilson

P.S. Tim isn’t gay.

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