Um, so, where is the G.D. Music, already?

I know, I know. All eight of you who have seen the website so far must be thinking: So this is a studio website, no? Like, as in, music studio? So far no pictures of the studio, no samples of music, no pics of Melanie J. Hebert’s nearly completed album?!??!! You fine folks must be wondering what the sweet bugger is going on.

Have no fear. Things are coming right along. If you’ve visited more than once (and I hope to bejesus you haven’t, because that would drop my visitor status from Wretchedly Low to Highly Embarrassing) you’ll have seen snazzy new interface, and we haven’t stopped the party there, no! A whole new index page, to boot. Complete with strange and wonderful “introduction language”. Yeppers. We’re going wild over here.

Come back soon. You’ll like what you see.


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